Case Study – Working Alongside an Internal Chief Technology Officer


Accountancy Firm

Business Size

300 people


The Client

Our client is a multi-office firm of accountants, with five major offices and around three hundred staff.


The Engagement

The firm has divided its internal IT function into two divisions; one is focused on infrastructure and service delivery, and the other on innovation and progress.

The firm wanted a leadership function outside of either division that could work with the Executive Board to manage these two functions and maintain alignment with the commercial goals.


Our Approach

We put in place a structure to correctly and respectfully recognise the skills of each division and ensure that each could fulfil its remit effectively –meaning to agreed timescales and budget and within reasonable resource constraints.

We introduced processes for take-on of new projects that at once provided a formal, level playing field for assessment of budget and resource requirements. As well as achieving this primary goal, this approach also harmonised the operation of the two divisions and engendered a good understanding between them of projects in progress or coming up.

We work with the heads of each division in monthly one-to-one sessions, exploring and resolving issues and helping prioritise work respecting key practice goals and unavoidable resource challenges and interdependencies.

We facilitate regular executive meetings, attended by divisional heads, the managing partner and the IT partner; in these meetings we review progress and priorities, and put together managing partner communiques to the wider firm to ensure we are controlling the IT “message” in a centrally managed and consistent manner.


The Result

The firm has a clear IT strategy against which new projects are measured and either rejected, postponed or accepted. They also now have an operations department that delivers and maintains existing and new IT systems in an entirely aligned manner.

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