Case Study – Delivering IT Training & Boosting User Adoption


Accountancy Firm

Business Size

220 people


The Client

Our client is a top 50 Accountancy firm spanning multiple offices with around 220 staff. They have recently built out a new Microsoft 365, having migrated from a “traditional” remote desktop. This presented a great opportunity to refresh some IT skills and help users get the most out of their new IT environment.


The Engagement

The firm had no full-time internal IT training resource and had a very broad training need due to the variations in experience and capability across their user base. In the past training had been delivering informally within a department or office, and the relationship between training, adoption and efficiency hadn’t been fully realised.

Whilst partners understood that the existing situation but had not yet addressed training as a firm-wide project. The result was that there was transference of poor working habits, with staff applying their own fixes and workarounds to the IT challenges they faced, diminishing the usefulness of systems, and causing an easily-avoided degree of user frustration. This also, as a side-effect, prevented accurate feedback of underlying issues to the IT team.


Our Approach

We ensured that IT training was applied exactly where necessary to increase confidence and productivity. The aim was to have it viewed as a valuable use of time rather than an unwelcome distraction from client-facing duties. We undertook a training needs analysis to ascertain the needs amongst users, to gain an accurate idea of which areas to prioritise, and then designed and delivered a training programme to each and every user.


The Result

We have delivered training across all users in precisely-tailored bitesize sessions to keep the time commitment manageable. These sessions have seen an impressive take up, with great feedback from users at every level. They have provided an instant return by providing some immediate take-away points and shortcuts. The widening of people’s knowledge of the extent of functionality within Excel, for example, has been a “game changer”, even for advanced users.

Take-up has been good across all levels creating a wider understanding of how long any specific piece of work should take to complete. In some cases, this has clarified existing unrealistic expectations, which has improved staff confidence.

Frustration within service lines has been minimised with the provision of firm-specific user guides. Staff now have added confidence in knowing that any technical queries they have on a day-to-day basis can be answered quickly and easily by referring to the documentation we have provided. And they know that the support desk has the same documentation, so that they can reach out to them or an IT trainer, who will be on hand to assist if they cannot find the answer they need.

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