Case Study – Appointing a New Managed Service Provider


Accountancy Firm

Business Size

150 people


The Client

Our client is a firm of accountants with around one hundred and fifty staff.


The Engagement

The firm were coming to the end of their contract with their MSP whose performance had deteriorated over time, meaning internal IT was overly consumed by first-line issues reducing the ability of the firm to work on innovation projects which would make better use of IT spend and resource. The service provider was throttling IT instead of driving it.

The firm wanted increasingly to embrace Microsoft 365 functionality and apps such as Teams, but were limited as their IT was not fit for this purpose and could not meet the firm’s ambitions. The firm also wanted a more modern, performant and future-proofed user experience.

The firm lacked the internal experience to run a comprehensive RFP with confidence and engaged JHA to run this process; this would ensure the right selection was made with the benefit of unbiased external advice and guidance.


Our Approach

We ensured we understood the firm’s requirements in detail and conducted interviews with internal stakeholders and IT resources about current and future requirements. We then put together a requirements/tender document and presented it to a shortlist of suitable potential IT providers.

We managed the RFP process including reviewing and evaluating submissions and conducting vendor research and interviews to the agreed criteria. We provided recommendations to the executive board. We took responsibility for due diligence, ensuring the right questions were asked, all “boxes were ticked”, with nothing slipping through the cracks.

We managed procurement with the chosen provider, negotiating commercial terms and reviewing the contract terms to ensure the best value and lowest risk outcome for the firm. We oversaw the on-boarding of the service and migration to the new provider. We continue to manage their ongoing relationship to ensure performance expectations are met, and that our client is getting good service – and the best value – from their new provider.


The Result

The firm leveraged our knowledge of the market in light of their specific requirements to ensure they ended up with the solution and service that was the best fit for them technically, commercially and culturally. They had confidence in the provider and the service, and knew they were paying a fair price.

The firm has a much-improved relationship with their new provider because it started the right way. The firm are now in a position to move ahead with other innovative value-add projects with a stable and reliable IT infrastructure which is future-proofed for years to come, with a dynamic service provider that meets their needs now and into the future.

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