Case Study – An Independent Asset Knowledgeable of the Legal Sector


Law Firm

Business Size

50 people


The Client

Our client is a law firm based in Staffordshire with around 50 staff.


The Engagement

The firm had moved to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) a number of years previously but were unhappy with the service and value they were receiving. Over time the MSP had grown their client base but had not increased their staff appropriately, so their service had deteriorated. This meant that the internal IT department were having to deal with daily queries as the wider staff had lost confidence in the MSP answering their queries in a timely fashion. This distracted them from focussing on improving the firm’s processes, which was why they had opted to use an MSP in the first place.

The second reason for the move to an MSP and their managed platform was to prevent the need for expensive, wholesale hardware changes that, in addition to being costly, were disruptive.

All of this meant that a change of MSP was called for. However, the firm lacked the time and experience to confidently run a rigorous selection process – in fact they felt “burned” by their earlier choice. They recognised it would be a false economy to tackle such a big project alone. The danger of getting it wrong might make the difference between the practice thriving or faltering.

JHA were recommended by professional colleagues who were having similar issues with their MSP and recognised that we would be able to help.


Our Approach

We began by running face-to-face discovery days with various groups of users from the firm. Once we were sure of their needs, we wrote up a request for proposals (RFP) document which outlined the client requirements, the selection process and response deadlines and the criteria by which the proposals would be judged.

We were actively involved in the selection process. During their presentations, we were able to ask the difficult questions of the MSPs that the firm felt unable to ask; in part because they didn’t know what questions to ask, and in part for fear of jeopardising the working relationship with the successful bidder from the start.

We were an independent asset, knowledgeable in the needs of both the general legal sector and the specific needs of this busy firm.


The Result

The firm found our involvement invaluable. The time we spent researching, selecting and questioning the possible MSPs gave them the assurance that they had chosen the right provider at the right price. Our structured, transparent and insightful approach to procurement gave them confidence, and in fact benefited the MSP too – they knew exactly what the firm needed and were able to define a service and fee that precisely matched this.

The firm are now very happy with their new provider who continues to give excellent service. Consequently the firm has been able to focus its internal team on worthwhile projects – projects better handled by an internal team that appreciate the nuances of the practice – projects that boost the profitability and productivity of the firm.

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