Associate – David Rosenthal


David has led operations from a senior position, both within large businesses and when working as a consultant. On a local, national and global level he has been instrumental in the definition and delivery of products and services, has significantly scaled-up numerous projects and has delivered operational and strategic transformation programs through digitalisation and automation.

Regardless of the project, he is an expert in getting the most from the budget, resource, time and people available.

As well as displaying these valuable talents, David still manages to be friendly, funny, down-to-earth and pragmatic.


David’s key skills include his ability to:-

  • Lead, negotiate and communicate at all levels, from operational teams up to Board level
  • Manage competing demands and pressures whilst ensuring projects get delivered
  • Balance operational, strategic and commercial challenges without losing sight of agreed goals
  • Detail the re-engineering or automation of a process, but also follow through to its operational delivery and on-going maintenance
  • Design and build both ground-up and scale-up improvements to systems and processes, as well as managing and developing the people operating them
  • Enable businesses and operations to leverage automation and digital tools to optimise their business processes


After training at KPMG, David worked for a number of well-known institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Commerzbank and Societe Generale.

The various roles he has undertaken have provided him with a broad range of experience, from Tax Specialist and Product Development Manager through to COO, dealing with operational, technical, compliance and commercial challenges.

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David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal
Expert in digital transformation and operational change management

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