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We have a team of exceptional, experienced Associates each of whom have particular talents and all of whom are dedicated to meeting and resolving your challenges.

Jeremy Hyman

On-demand Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy provides quick, insightful IT leadership, bringing together commercial and technical aspirations into a road-map for a firm. He works with internal and external resources to help the firm follow that road-map, adjusting it to meet new and changing needs.

Helen Daly

Improving Strategy & Tactics

Helen has spent her entire career helping firms make the best possible decisions about resources, processes and technology. She combines a multidisciplinary skill set with an affinity for people that delivers achievable, lasting improvements for clients.

Len Hackenbroch

Delivering Training, Learning & Development

Len’s specialism is getting users to extract the maximum value from existing and new systems. With a degree in Business Information Systems, solid experience in all aspects of learning and development, and (almost) infinite patience, Len is the ideal resource for helping users actually understand what they are meant to be doing.

Isi Schnitzer

Specialising in data and process

Isi has spent 20 years as a senior IT resource ahead of joining us. With insight into how to define systems and manage the projects to deliver them, Isi has a broad range of skills and knowledge of system design, data optimisation and operational delivery. Complex systems and tricky problems are his speciality.

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