Jeremy Hyman Associates

Independent Expertise

You understand your business inside-out. You know technology is critical to success. But keeping business and technology aligned is tricky.


We bridge the divide that can exist between commercial demands and technical delivery.

Jeremy Hyman Associates helps you control and understand technology with unbiased leadership and insight, providing you with an informed and fresh perspective.

About us

We are a small group of professionals who focus on making technology work. We bring the specialist knowledge to your business that supports your decisions and gives you the confidence to follow the right technology roadmap.


Our engagements are focussed on translating great ideas into profitable success stories, either by defining and delivering strategy at CTO or project level, or through assistance with operational delivery when you need extra or specialist resource.

Fractional CTO

You know what you want: more efficiency, more growth, more .. cleverness.

A good technology strategy lowers the cost of operations and allows for innovative ways of running your business.

We help you formulate and follow a technology roadmap by holding monthly sessions which align your technology team, your Board and key stakeholders, maintaining progress and alignment.

We work with your team, not against them, maximising productivity.

Project Assistance

You may have identified a particular problem that you need to solve: a change of product or process, a change in your market, or an efficiency that you feel you should have but that is just out of reach. From getting the most from what you have already bought, to selecting and implementing something new, we can help.

Sometimes you can't make a confident choice and get caught up in a paralysis of indecision that prevents progress.

We draw on our experience to help you solve the problems that are not getting solved.

Operational Delivery

You may lack the right skills, resources or time for a project - sometimes you will need extra help.

We provide specialist resource to help delivery in several areas, from technical projects through to training and adoption.

Our experienced and talented team allow for parallel progress and increase the  likelihood of a successful outcome.

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